In every way an exciting, educational and inspiring week in California accompanied by 11 brilliant Startup Founders, organized by the always dedicated Innovation Center Denmark.

The innovation center’s local Silicon Valley branch had brewed up an amazing program, which over the 5 days featured key notes and workshops with prominent individuals such as Bill O’Connor, Jordan Wahbeh and Suhas Ghante, as well as a few days at the world’s largest entrepreneur conference “Startup Grind”. Last but not least, the week offered a trip to Palo Alto with knowledgeable pitch training by thought leaders and established VC’s.


We got an outstanding impression of the Silicon Valley mindset that has created so many of the world’s most valuable ideas and businesses. In addition to the above, we got a “first hand, sneak peek” of innovation processes in brain-picking local entrepreneurs at seminars and pitch sessions and at final a visit to some of the unique educational institutions – including the imposing Stanford University.
All of which gave us a very present and real feeling of being part of an ecosystem with enormous future potential.

Now that the first impressions have settled, however, it also seems clear the Danish and Nordic “feel” and innovative Start-Up culture in many ways stands out. We have plenty to offer and can contribute with new ideas, projects and innovation that is still hard to find in Silicon Valley. As an example, Startups focused on sustainability, UN’s 17 SD Goals, Food and AgTech were almost invisible.

In short, lots of food for thought.

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