Digitized farm to fork

medicine reports for production animals

With our novel, patented technology, the documentation
is digitized – farm to fork





Food Safety





Competitive edge


We create value from farm to fork

Ease of use and reward for the farmer
Digitizing the medicine reports means easier, quicker and smarter registration, thus saving time for the farmer, which can be used on more innovative and productive tasks.

A much more user friendly, customer centric process when delegating the medicine registration to employees. The farmer achieves greater confidence in his new digital medicine report data upon the ongoing veterinary control and verification visits.

Safe delivery of animals for slaughter – control of treatments.

The farmer is rewarded for providing valid data and ensuring the possibility of enforcement and control as well as an improvement of customer/supplier loyalty between farmer and abattoir .

Control and competitive advantage to the abattoir
Digitized medicine reports from the farmer:
Control and differentiation
Traceability and documentation and a much better

The “purity” of the pig can now be documented and the added value be subject to certification and labeling.

The value of this patented digital soil-to-table medication registration for branding and marketing in particular in the Asian and North American markets will be significant.

Food Safety and transparency to the consumer
Digitization of medicine registration ensures that consumers can trace the consumption of medicines in the meat, giving 100% transparency.

Patented labeling will lead to greater safety in products and increased confidence in farmers compliance with the rules and guidelines of the label.

Digital traceability and transparency thus reduce fears of drug residues in meat.

Consumers are happy to pay for this security – in Denmark and in export markets.

Cross sector benefits
Unique opportunity to “blend” Pharma Score’s medicine registration data with data from feed and nutrition companies, slaughterhouses, retailers etc.

The Farmer is provided ease-of-use in his daily medicine recording, the App delivers valid data and the farmer is rewarded for his effort.

Full digital control, traceability and transparency for the abattoir

Increased value and food safety for consumers

A strong team


A strong Team


With strong partners

IBM Food Trust is one of the most innovative and exciting initiatives IBM is involved in. The expectations for the digitalisation of the agriculture and food sector are most recently described in the white paper “5-in-5” from IBM Research. Pharma Score Software’s innovative and patented drug registration APP fits perfectly into these initiatives. It has thus been a natural step for IBM to get involved in this project as well as to welcome Pharma Score Software as a new IBM Business Partner.

Lars Verning

Channel Manager, IBM Watson Cloud Platform

Based on our existing business with data analysis of prescription based veterinary medicine, it seemed both natural and obvious to contribute to the development of a digital platform that, once and for all, digitize the statutory Registration of Veterinary Medicine in the herds of Danish production animals. At the same time finding an additional source of income for the farmers – a very rewarding feeling”.

Ole Strøm

CEO and partner, CruCon Analytics

That is why we are working on a model that makes it easy for individual farmers to meet the new requirements for self-control in crews. We have continuously invested in new IT tools for farmers and veterinarians who can handle the ever-increasing registration requirements. In this way, a minimum of time is wasted on administration and the effort can be concentrated where it does the most benefit – in the stables. “

Peter Hjort Jensen

President, LVK

“As a Software development house, we are always curious about innovative ideas and are passionate about assisting creative contractors and entrepreneurs. Via IBM’s Partner network and the IBM Food Trust Initiative, we were invited to the project, which from the start accused US of innovation, courage and disruptive mindset. We are very impressed with the drive of the people behind the concept and the fine line-up of experienced partners in the project. – to take part in the project was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

Jens Hammering

COO and partner, Mobile People Solutions


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